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Meet the Board of the NHS Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes Integrated Care Board. Our Board members include voting members and non-voting participants.

Board Members

Felicity Cox s headshot

Felicity Cox

Chief Executive

Dean Westcotts headshot

Dean Westcott

Chief Finance Officer

Dr Ian Recklesss headshot

Dr Ian Reckless

Chief Medical Officer

Sarah Stanleys headshot

Sarah Stanley

Chief Nursing Director

Vineeta Manchandas headshot

Vineeta Manchanda

Non-Executive Member & Audit Chair

Shirley Pointers headshot

Shirley Pointer

Non-Executive Member & Remuneration Chair

Alison Borretts headshot

Alison Borrett

Non-Executive Member (Freedom to Speak Up Guardian)

Manjeet Gills headshot

Manjeet Gill

Non-Executive Member

David Carters headshot

David Carter

NHS Trust Partner Member, Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Ross Gravess headshot

Ross Graves

NHS Trust Partner Member, Central and North West London Foundation Trust

Joe Harrisons headshot

Joe Harrison

NHS Trust Partner Member, Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Tayo Kufejis headshot

Dr Tayo Kufeji

Primary Medical Services Providers Partner Member

Mahesh Shahs headshot

Mahesh Shah

Primary Medical Services Providers Partner Member

Dr Sahadev Swains headshot

Dr Sahadev Swain

Primary Medical Services Providers Partner Member

Laura Churchs headshot

Laura Church

Local Authority Partner Member, Bedford Borough Council

Marcel Coiffaits headshot

Marcel Coiffait

Local Authority Partner Member, Central Bedfordshire Council

Robin Porters headshot

Robin Porter

Local Authority Partner Member, Luton Council

Michael Braceys headshot

Michael Bracey

Local Authority Partner Member, Milton Keynes City Council

Non-Voting Participants

Lorraine Mattiss headshot

Lorraine Mattis

Associate Non-Executive Member

Vicky Heads headshot

Vicky Head

Director of Public Health, Bedford Borough, Central Bedfordshire & Milton Keynes

Sally Cartwrights headshot

Sally Cartwright

Director of Public Health, Luton Council

Maxine Taffetanis headshot

Maxine Taffetani

Milton Keynes Healthwatch

Nicky Poulain s headshot

Nicky Poulain

Chief Primary Care Officer

Anne Brierleys headshot

Anne Brierley

Chief Transformation Officer

Maria Wogans headshot

Maria Wogan

Chief of System Assurance and Corporate Services

Martha Robertss headshot

Martha Roberts

Chief People Officer

Khtija Maliks headshot

Khtija Malik

Co-Chair of Health and Care Partnership

Martin Towlers headshot

Martin Towler

Co-Chair of Health and Care Partnership