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NHS Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes Integrated Care Board has a number of committees (listed below).

These committee report to the meetings of the Board of the ICB.  These reports are included as part of the Corporate Governance report to the Board. To view these please visit the ICB Board Meetings page, open the papers for the relevant meeting and click on the Governance Report on the agenda.

The Terms of Reference for each committee are available in the Governance Handbook and the details of each committee can be found below.

Committee Meetings held in Public:

Some committees of the Board of the ICB are held in public.  Agendas and papers for committee meetings held in public will be available five working days before the meeting and will be published below as one full PDF.  Once you open the document you will be able to click on the agenda item number and it will take you straight to the paper for that item.

If you would like to ask a committee a question, please pre-submit your questions three working days in advance of the meeting by emailing

You will be able to attend the meeting, but please remember, it is a meeting in public, NOT a ‘Public Meeting’, so you will not be able to ask questions or talk during the meeting. 

Committee meetings (unless otherwise stated) are held virtually using Microsoft Teams and the link for each meeting will be provided below.  If you attend, please put your speaker on mute (this will help to reduce background noise) and turn your camera off.  As this is a meeting in public and NOT a Public Meeting, there will be no opportunity to use a ‘chat’ facility. Please note that meetings are recorded (audio and visual) for the purpose of compiling draft minutes and are deleted once the minutes have been approved.

Committees and Chairs: